Winchester Montage Designs October 2016

What are the Winchester Montages?

The montages are something I started to create around 3 or 4 years ago and are photographs of my hometown Winchester that I have taken that capture my view of the unique, picturesque City.

I have then combined the images using my editing skills to create framed works of Art to sell. I am using a documentary style of photography and I walk about the city for hours looking for, or by chance stumbling across, anything that captures my eye. I use my eye for composition and like to capture perspective from a pathway or include an abstract view or angle.

The montages are created using Photoshop editing software by taking a selection of images that work well together and summarise the feel of the City using lines, tones, angles, shapes and colour.

The Location

Winchester is my hometown and so I have a lot of love for it and great memories. Over the years I have taken many photographs of the city capturing its unique character and charm, it is a very inspiring and picturesque place.

The city centre is full of character, colours, sounds and energy and when coupled with the old historic aspects of the buildings and monuments such as the Cathedral and its grounds and the Butter Cross Monument in the high street; it makes for a really magical location.

There are always buskers in the High Street and various acts that are always good for photographs. Winchester has the River Itchen running through it and many interesting looking buildings and walk ways and has a reputation for being a city full of life and atmosphere.

The Aim of the Montages

My original idea was to create a book of Winchester showcasing the large library of images I had taken of the City. This idea soon evolved and transformed into designing the montages using my editing and manipulating skills on Photoshop to create these unique montages that can be framed and sold.


I don’t visit Winchester very often these days as I live quite far away but when I do visit I always like add to my collection of photographs and create new montages when I get home. No matter how often I walk about in the city I always see something I’ve never seen before. The camera I use is my Nikon D610 and I work on manual settings. I use my zoom lens 70-200ml and my 50 mil lens this gives me a range of focal lengths to capture different effects of scenes near and far and can portray different moods.

The Format

To create the designs I have 2 or 3 different layout designs that I use. First is the horizontal montages in a panoramic format of 20 x 8 inches containing 5 or 6 vertical images. These images must work in a sequence and must match in colour and shape and the aim is to summarise Winchester as a whole.

For example, the hustle and bustle of the city centre, along side the historic buildings or statues. For these I would use images that I have taken of the High Street area of people shopping or relaxing in the Cathedral grounds or say outside a coffee shop or bar.

The other format design I use is the square montage containing around 20 or 30 different images, again this is used to summarise Winchester as a whole and here I can really express my vision of the city and contain images of its historic side. I do this by using monuments and statues and the hustle and bustle but also pathways, interesting looking buildings such as the Tudor buildings in the city.

I also look out for any interesting shops or cafes, any street signs, clocks around the town and the famous river Itchen that runs through the city. I would then pace the images using Photoshop in a square page overlapping each other slightly. I then have to decide which image is in the middle that summarises the City the best and then have some images medium size and then some smaller.

Using the type tool, I then add the words ‘Winchester’ 3 or 4 times at various points within the design using the Elizabethan font as this matches the feel of the city. I might also duplicate 1 or 2 images but make them smaller and fade the tone so the image is subtler. I then put the design in black and white so there is a different option for people to see.


Since I started to produce the framed montages I had had fantastic feedback or friends, family and fellow Wintonians, and have many enquiries and purchases for the different sizes. I have advertised the designs mainly on Facebook and social media.

The Winchester Montage Designs Facebook GroupI have created a “Winchester Montage Designs” Facebook page to display the montages I have designed and included some of the pieces framed and given information on sizes, frames available and prices. You can view my Facebook page via the link below for examples of the best images taken by myself