New Brighton Student Photography Trip

What Was The Purpose of The Trip?

The aim of the New Brighton student photography trip was for the HND / HNC Wirral Met College students to get creative and capture some documentary style photography around some parts of New Brighton and the surrounding beach area.

The Location and The Areas We Visited

It was a fairly bright sunny day and we met at the College reception and made our way in 3 or 4 cars to the New Brighton beach, which was around a 15-minute drive. The beach front area has had a major investment over the last few years and been given a makeover to improve tourism which had taken a decline of the last 20 or so years and was now looking fresh and inviting with new restaurants, shops and bars in place.

Arcade Hidden Tunnels
We had arranged a visit to the hidden tunnels at the basement of the now slot machine arcade. The Manager had arranged to meet us to give us a really interesting historical talk about how the beach area used to look in the 50’s and 60’s post war when it was a thriving tourist area. We were then invited to take some photos of the tunnels and the objects that were in them.

Fort Perch Rock
We then walked over to the historic Fort Perch Rock. En route we stopped to take some photographs of seagulls and the bandstand, which was full of character with its Victorian architecture.

The fort is quite unique and has a café inside now and a mini museum, we were allowed to walk around and take photographs of the views, objects and memorabilia including the lighthouse located in the distance. This made for a great photo scene against the wild sea and the blue sky!

Back to The College
At 3pm we made our way back to College to view some of the images we had captured on the computer. The feedback from the students was great and everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable and creative day.

Cameras & Equipment

The camera I used on the New Brighton student photography trip was my trusted Nikon D610 and as a professional I always work using manual settings. I use my zoom lens 70-200 ml and my 50 mil lens this gives me a range of focal lengths to capture different effects of scenes near and far and can portray different moods. It also provides the best display depth of field and composition. The students used a variety of cameras; some used film cameras rather than digital.

Photographic Results

I have posted the best of the pictures I took on my Blogspot and have mainly included photographs in black and white as I feel it brings out the character and tones better.