Engagement Photo-Shoot of Kieran and Nicole, Didsbury. 2017.03.05

The Bride & Groom To Be

Today I met bride and groom to be Kieran and Nicole for the first time to complete their Engagement photo-shoot. We had previously agreed the location for the shoot would be Parsonage gardens in Didsbury.

I was delighted about that, as I had taken photos there several times before for weddings and engagement shoots and I knew the location had a really nice feel about it. It is perfect for this type of photo-shoot, mainly due to its quiet peaceful setting and its amazing colourful collection of flowers, plants and trees, which all make for a truly romantic setting.

Battling the Elements

Unfortunately it started to rain heavily prior to our meeting, but after we spoke on the telephone we all decided to carry on regardless. The reason being that it was a good chance to meet and discuss the wedding details further and I knew that with a bit of improvisation I could capture some wonderful photographs of the couple.

I arrived 15 minutes early and headed (in the rain) to the gardens. The gardens have a conveientiant art gallery in the centre and I took shelter inside and had a look around the gallery and some of the fabulous work on display.

The gallery is often used for wedding ceremonies and I had shot a wedding there about a year or so ago and thought it would be a good idea to capture some photographs there today. The gallery has amazing stained glass windows that I used as a wonderful backdrop for some of the couples photos.

The Couple

The couple arrived on time and were happy, enthusiastic and dressed for the occasion. We met at the art gallery and I invited them in and showed them around and suggested we do some shots in the building while it was so wet outside, this was a perfect idea and enabled us to sit down as well and discuss the wedding in more detail and confirm things.

The Engagement Photo-shoot

I wanted do get some interesting angles, I used natural lights for some of the shots using the light coming through the stunning stain glass windows and with the flowers clearly visible near the window. Which added to the backdrop.

We then ventured outside to the rain, Nicole and Kieran both had umbrellas so I decided we could use those as a prop and here and there. I then took some of them doing various poses kissing and hugging, while chatting to them to try and put them both at ease as much as possible.

Next, I took some great pictures of them under the trees and walking hand in hand. The rain didn’t stop, but I felt it added a certain romance to the shoot. However, in an ideal world I would have preferred no rain!

Equipment and Editing

I carried out the shoot using my Nikon D610 camera, with my 50 mm lens, which is great for extra sharp portraits and shallow depth of field.

Using Adobe Light Room, i edited the images and then forwarded them to the couple using one of my favourite download services called Wetransfer.com (other download services are available). Nicole and Kieran were very pleased with the results and I have offered to print one image off for them.

The chose a black and white photography of them kissing under the church arch with Nicole’s foot slightly lifted up, a great choice and I very much look forward to shooting their wedding there later this year.