Engagement Photo-Shoot of Fiona and Jamie, Carr Mill Dam, St Helens. 09/04/2017

The Bride & Groom To Be

Today I met bride and groom to be Fiona and Jamie to do their Engagement shoot. After much prior discussion with them of which location to choose we finally agreed the location would be Carr Mill Dam in St Helens, I suggested this after driving past it many times and thinking it was a beautiful place and would look great for this kind of photoshoot.

It tuned out that it also held a special fondness by the couple, as it was where they had their first date many years ago. I had a really good feeling about the location, it has a large lake with some woods next to it and it is perfect for this type of shoot mainly due to its stunning views across the water and its quiet peaceful setting and its amazing colourful collection of flowers, plants and trees.

Stunning Weather

The weather was perfect, a really sunny, fresh morning, I even braved wearing my shorts it was that hot. I met the couple In the waterside pub car park and we walked towards the lake and woods and discussed the wedding that was fast approaching, I found a perfect spot after a few minutes that had a stunning view across the lake with the sun shining across to us but the position of the tree branches creating a nice breeze and creating a shadowed area, the sun was twinkling in the lake.

The Couple

The couple where in happy, enthusiastic moods and where obviously very much in love as they walked hand in hand along the lake. They looked very loved up, which I told them would shine through on the photographs.

The Engagement Photo-shoot

I wanted do get some interesting angles so I shot though any cracks in the leaves on the branches that created an interesting frame within a frame, I also shot at a low position crouching down to give a new perspective.

I asked the couple to just relax and try and try and act naturally, which they did, I posed them in various embraces and got them to walk hand In hand, sit on a tree stump, gently cuddle each other and kiss and just try create a loving mood sometimes looking at the camera and sometimes looking at each other.

After around 30 minutes of taking photos I thought I had captured enough images at this location so we then decided to visit a nearby park – (Billinge Park), which was a five minute drive away to do a few more shots. This park is near their house and has really attractive flower beds and green space and trees.

I took some more shots of the couple sat on the park bench and walking by the blossom trees hand in hand. We chatted more about the wedding day and confirmed details, I then did some individual shots of the couple, and go them to lean against a tree, I chatted to them to keep them at ease, we got one well. The shoot came to an end, I was happy with what I had taken, I told the couple id see them soon and for them to enjoy the build up to their wedding.

Equipment and Editing

I did the photo shoot using my Nikon D610 camera, with my 50 mm Nikon lens, which is great for extra sharp portraits and shallow depth of field that create a really professional look. I also did some shots with my 70-210mm zoom lens to get some shots from a distance to give a different mood.

I edited the images using Adobe Light room and then forwarded the images to the couple using a download called Wetransfer.com after a week or so. I had put some of the images in black and white and added a small amount of brightness and contrast.

The couple were very pleased with the results and I look forward very much to shooting their wedding later this year.

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