Big Hair Salon Event – 3rd October 2016

Event Overview

The ‘Big Hair Do’ event; now in its second year is a consumer “experience” which takes place in 100 hair salons all over the UK and is filled with fun, education, product testing, hair how-to’s and stylist expertise. The event was presented by Layered Magazine in association with Creative HEAD Magazine.

The Location

The location was at the RCNQ hair salon at 10 Hilton Street, in the trendy northern quarter area of Manchester.


Each salon’s menu of activities was going to be different to the next and I was expected to showcase as much of this variety as possible.


The camera I used was my Nikon D610 and I work on manual settings. I used my zoom lens 70-200ml and my 50 mil lens which gives me a range of focal lengths to capture different effects of scenes near and far and can portray different moods. I also used my Nikon speed flash gun; making sure I have spare batteries for the flash and making sure in advance I had a fully charged camera battery and spare memory 64GB card.

There was a lot to photograph but the key focuses for me to capture were:

Hair – shots of styles being created such as braiding step by step, styles worn by guests, worn by staff

Wide Shots – exterior and interior; of the salon ready and set for the event and preferably packed with guests!

Happy Guests – engaging with each other and with the salon staff

Happy Staff – wearing their Big Hair Do badges

Special Details – such as food and drink being served and other snacks being offered, make-up, nails, DJs spinning tunes, etc.

Big Hair Do Goody Bags – stuffed and being handed out and on the guests shoulders

Buzz, action, interaction!

I turned up 1 hour early as I always like to be ready and prepared. The salon wasn’t quite ready so I helped out with getting the room organised, moving tables and chairs, blowing up balloons, hanging décor, displaying makeup and chatting to the staff.

There was a real fun vibe from the start; everyone was really friendly which put me at ease straight away. When the room was set and all the decorations were correctly displayed, it was time for all the guests to arrive – this was then my cue to start taking photographs and move about getting different angles.

A couple of girls arrived first and they were greeted by the reception staff who gave them a glass of champagne and offered them nibbles and a goody bag, they were then offered the chance to have their hair styled by one of the professional hair stylists. I managed to get some shots of this taking place, making sure I didn’t get in the way but I did manage to get the shots I needed; which is the mark of a great photographer!

More guests started arriving so I got some shots of people mingling and also a few shots of people actually smiling at the camera. I remembered the list of shots I was asked to capture and made sure that I got everything that was requested. It was a fun night with a real buzz about the salon, funky music coming out of the speakers and everyone having a lot of fun. This was a day when I thought “I love my job!”

Image delivery

I was asked to deliver a full set of high-resolution photography (minimum 3600 x 2400 pixels at 300dpi) via image sharing website by the following day. I arrived home around 10pm and quickly uploaded the images onto my desktop iMac computer. I then went through them on Adobe Bridge and selected the best ones using a filter process. I then took these shots and any that required slight editing i edited using Adobe Lightroom; adding slight touches like contrast and brightness.

The next day I received great praise and feedback from the event organiser who said that I had done really well and captured a great selection of images and really captured the fun aspect of the event and ticked all the boxes, she said she was thrilled with the results.

My Blogspot

You can view some of the results from the night on my Blogspot.