Wedding Photography for Amy & Callums Wedding at Kilhey Court Hotel in Standish

The Morning of The Wedding

It was a cold but bright winters day, the sun was beaming through the trees of the hotel grounds as I pulled up in my car and I instantly felt a good feeling about the day ahead and how the wedding and my photography would go.

The Wedding Venue

The chosen venue was the Kilhey Court Hotel in Standish. It is a stunning Victorian-style hotel surrounded by landscaped gardens next to Worthington Reservoir, it is full of character and charm, the grounds are vast and luscious green with large pine cone trees and has beautiful countryside views surrounding.

The Bride & Bridesmaids

I met the bride, Amy, around 12pm at her hotel room, she was with her 3 bridesmaids who were all getting ready, putting make up and adding final touches to there appearance, they seemed a little nervous but in good spirits. I took some natural shots of them all and some single shots of Amy and also some shots of the flowers, wedding shoes and jewellery.

The Ceremony Room

After about 30 minutes of taking pictures I left them so they could finish off getting ready and I went to view the ceremony room and speak to the registrar who was extremely friendly and made me feel at ease to take photographs where ever I wanted during the service. I was very happy about the venue as I had shot many weddings there over the last 10 years.

The Groom & Ushers

I then went to find the groom and his ushers in the bar area for some photographs, Callum looked very smart and was wearing a classic suit, with matching waste coat and shiny black shoes, he seemed in a very relaxed and happy mood, which always makes for an excellent photograph. I took some pictures of the groom and his ushers outside by the fountain at the entrance of the building and took some pictures of Callums son, Declan, who was very excited about the day and was happy to pose for pictures and looked really cute is his suit and waistcoat.

The Wedding Service

It was soon time for the service to start so I took my position ready for Amys arrival, When she arrived she looked stunning as her Dad walked her down the aisle and looked really proud while Callum waited nervously at the opposite end.

After the service I took lots of group photographs of the happy couple with their families and the wedding party outside the church and took some of the couple on there own walking hand in hand through the hotel grounds and standing in between the trees with the sun shinning through to create a brilliant effect.

I then took some more photographs inside the hotel of the happy couple and took some shots on the lavish grand staircase near the hotel reception. The staircase is surrounded by gold-framed mirrors, which set the stairwell off amazingly. As Christmas was only a few weeks away I took some shots of the couple next to the Christmas tree with looked fantastic with all the colours and bright vibrant lights.

It was soon time to make a move towards the dining hall as the meal was soon to be served, so I just had enough time to take some pictures of the table décor before the happy couple entered the room which was full of all the guests clapping on there arrival. Then the celebrations really began.